Players Teach Kids To Stay Healthy

Giving back to the community is of vital importance. In fact, it is essential if the community members are to be able to pull together for the greater good. Individuals who are members of major sports teams have the potential to positively affect the lives of others who are struggling, especially children. By using the influence that naturally comes with playing professional sports, athletes can show children how to live a healthy lifestyle and that they can achieve their goals and dreams, regardless of their current situation.

Children who live in impoverished areas suffer some of the most difficult circumstances that could ever be imagined. Many of these children have a difficult time thinking about how they will get through tomorrow, not to mention anything beyond that. Living a healthier lifestyle is often not something that they even consider. However, sports stars can serve as role models by helping young people to realize that by through living a healthy lifestyle as a means of coping with additional stresses, they can transform their lives and realize their most personal dreams.Children need role models that they can look up to, especially when they are living in difficult circumstances. Without reliable role models, children have a much greater chance of turning to harmful behaviors like drug and alcohol abuse. However, athletes can help them realize that they can use a healthy lifestyle to rise above their current situation, giving them something positive to look forward to. In addition, young adults and small children alike are more likely to succeed when they have an example to look up to. Having a dependable sports star as a role model may help them emulate the behavior that helps them stay fit, as they are able to see how fitness has played an important role in the continued success of athletes in all professional sports. Focusing on fitness also gives young people something to focus on other than the circumstances that surround their lives. Athletes that give back to the community can serve as ideal role models.

People like Kevin Durant or Wes Welker have done a lot to help their respective communities, such as helping impoverished or disadvantaged youths. Through their actions, they have demonstrated how important it is to focus on ways to stay positive and achieve goals. These individuals, as well as many others, help young children realize that they can use health and fitness as a way of coping with life’s challenges. They can also find a way out of poverty through fitness. Perhaps even more importantly, role models in sports help young people realize that there are a number of ways to succeed in life as long as giving up is never considered as an option. Moreover, they show young individuals how to help others once they have achieved their own dreams.

-John Diogenous