Best Bike Paths in Toronto

Biking around the city is a great way to get your fill of fresh air and to appreciate different sights that you may have overlooked due to going about your everyday life. Here are four of the best bike paths in Toronto, all of which present their own brand of adventure. The next time that you get a chance to pedal around the city, bike through these routes and enjoy a whole new experience.

If your brake is in working order, you will have a great time peddling through the downhill path from the Argonaut Rowing Club to the Boulevard Club. The path will start just along the trail past the park and the tennis court and will reach all the way to the bottom, until you pass the busy entrance of Nota Benne. Keep your eyes peeled for park entrances, because this part of the city has a lot of them. Bikers should also watch out for cars and pedestrians because this area can be quite busy during key parts of the day.

Those who are looking for a quieter ride will love the Martin Goodman Trail because it tends to be very quiet. As part of the Waterfront Trail, the Martin Goodman Trail starts from Park Lawn Avenue and reaches to the R.C. Harris Filtration Plant in Victoria Park. There are certain parts that will bring bikers close to traffic, but a bigger part of the trail is composed of wide and peaceful biking gaps. This trail is most popular among bikers during the summer months because the lake makes the temperature in the area drop as much as three to five degrees cooler.

Adult bikers who do not mind a little bit of traffic will enjoy biking around Lakeshore Boulevard. From this area until the Waterfront Trail, bikers can expect to encounter heavy traffic, busy streets, and a constant stream of pedestrians. The next section will present the steady presence of a heavy traffic flow and parked cars. Bikers who want to avoid this part of the route may head north of Lakeshore and west along the housed streets crossing Lakeshore. Simply take the bike lanes in this part of the city and you will find yourself on First Street. Beginner bikers who are still wary of peddling through heavy traffic can get off their bikes and walk their way to the less congested area of the trail. Sidewalks are constantly present on all parts of the trail.

Biking around Toronto can be a very fun and exciting adventure if you take the right routes. The different parts of the city present different challenges to bikers, so familiarize yourself with them before you take your bike for a spin. Beautiful and interesting sites await so put on your helmet and get on your bike.


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